No Money in the Account

A middle age couple (RSE workers) in Port Vila are disappointed after finding that the Aim Global agent that they were dealing with lied about depositing funds into their account.

The couple was promised funds totalling VT300,000 or $3,000 into their Bred Account.

The couple came all the way from North Efate and having never used an ATM asked a local to assist them to withdraw funds from their Bred Bank ATM.

The balance however, broke their hearts, and it was a disbelief, as the receipt said they only have 105VT in the account.

They came to town, well dressed and wearing a sweet smelling perfume, expecting VT300,000 in the account.

“Our Philippine mentor and professor said we will have VT300,000 in the account”.

The sad look on the couples faces however was something no one will forget as they have thought they were in for a quick cash.

Aim Global members in Port Vila have been asked to help assist with the situation.