No stones thrown at Adventures in Paradise Tour Bus

“No stones were thrown at the Adventures in Paradise Tours Bus” is what a lot of Taxi Drivers and Bus operators are saying.

A lot of by standers and market vendors at the scene also said there was no one throwing stones at the Adventure in paradise tours bus.

Daily Post run the story and it seems someone from Adventures in paradise rang DP to report the issue. The Port Vila Land Transport Association has confirmed that no one threw rocks at the bus but the drivers did slap the side of the bus which the Adventures in Paradise Tour Bus driver thought were rocks thrown at the bus.

The news has affected Tourism yet again in Vanuatu and YTS will follow up real close to who is pulling the strings in this issue as it has now gone too far and has damaged Vanuatu Tourism reputation over sea’s as well.

The issue to correctly would be “who lied to the media or did the media run the news on hearsay?”

One commentator in this issue though raises a very good point when he said “there is the issue of big tours operators wanting to solely control the “transfer” business which the government needs to seriously look to address and to ensure there is a balance between the small operator and the big operator”

With the amount of Tourist boats coming into the country, is it possible that someone is trying to cut out the small operators namely the Taxis and the Buses in Port Vila?

There is that tension between small operators and Adventures in Paradise which a lot of people say the slap on the bus has triggered what has already been waiting to happen.