A member of the Port Vila – Efate Land Transport Association executive, Ronny Noal  says “the Taxi Associations and Bus owners are very disappointed over the wharf issue that always seem to end up in the media without their side of the story”

Mr. Noal says “If Daily Post had told the truth and not fabricated a lie; we would never be in the mess we are in right now”

“Daily Post post on Social media is a total lie that provoked people to bad mouth the Taxi Associations and Bus drivers and ended up with a citizen being assaulted”

Noal told YTS that the “Legend Of the Sea arrived in Port Vila on Sunday about 7am. The day before a lot of Taxi’s and Buses parked their vehicles at the wharf as usual expecting to receive a big ship but realised the next day it was only a small vessel with a small number of passengers”

The Legend Of the Sea carries 400 passengers and as the passengers disembarked, a expat assured all the passengers to the Adventures in Paradise Tours Bus.

“At no given time were we Taxi’s Associations and Buses notified that this ship is bringing in less tourist and only Adventures in Paradise will be providing transfers or tours. There is a practice in place where Taxi Associations and Buses are notified in advance as to whom should be receiving the tourist on ships bound for Port Vila” continued Noal.

There are certain arrangements which the Taxi’s and Bus driver’s say is an understanding between them and the big tour operators that there are certain ships which have been solely booked and local small operators cannot touch this passengers.

Adventures in Paradise guided tourist direct to their buses on that day, and the long line of Taxi/Buses began to question why this is happening. A female expat from Adventures in Paradise was at the wharf and it was she who was directing tourist to their bus.

“After the buses were loaded there were no more tourists for the local Taxi/Bus who then approached the Adventures in Paradise bus and slapped the bus in frustration but at no time did any of the drivers throw a rock at the Adventures in Paradise bus” says Noal.

“We ask Daily Post and Adventures in Paradise to prove that Taxi drivers threw rocks at the Adventures in Paradise bus and we challenge them to take pictures and post to Yumi Toktok Stret”

Only one bus was slapped and there was no disturbance all throughout the day and Adventures in Paradise continued their business throughout the day without disturbance from Taxi and Bus drivers.

“Daily Post never contacted the PVELTA to receive their side of the story and posted the news to Social Media and the news which is a total lie was seen by thousands and the people reacted very harshly towards us the Taxi drivers and Bus drivers”

“Social Media says we are smelly, dirty, unprofessional and do not generate revenue for the Government which is totally wrong, we contribute to the economy more than what some people think”

“We do not mind criticism but please be fair when you write something up and Daily Post has been running news about PVELTA throughout 2015 and never ever bothered to contact us to hear our side of the story”

“As a President of Holiday Inn Taxi Association, I condemn the attack on the female citizen but I do not think she would have been attacked for her comment if Daily Post told the truth and did not make up a lie”

Ronny Noal wants the public to know media lied about Taxi throwing rocks at the Adventure in Paradise Tours Bus.