NZ Statistics: 13% drop in NZ visitors coming to Vanuatu

A report by New Zealand Statistics is showing the number of visitors from NZ coming to Vanuatu has dropped by 13%.

The report by NZ statistics has shown that New Zealand has a record 2.8 million over sea’s trip since this August 2017 up 11% from August 2016.

NZ statistics also indicate New Zealanders are choosing to visit Vietnam, Cambodia, and French Polynesia more but also indicate a drop of 4% on New Zealanders visiting Tonga.

The most popular destination for New Zealanders is still Australia as 1.2 million people from New Zealand are visiting Australia. The number of people going to New Zealand for holidays has risen by 11% totaling to 1.9 million people.

China maintains it’s position as the biggest arrivals in NZ and also the biggest in residence visa applications as well. Short term visits to family and friends in New Zealand has also risen by 9.3% and totaling 3.7 million visitors as of August 2017.

The 13% drop in visits to Vanuatu by New Zealand can be largely attributed by Air New Zealand ceasing visits to Vanuatu. YTSNews understands however, that Air Zealand have already made arrangements with Vanuatu for Air New Zealand to resume flights once the Airport in Port Vila is upgraded.

Vanuatu’s biggest tourism market is New Zealand and it is hoped the Airport upgrade is completed quickly and efficient for Air Zealand to return.

The long stand by Air Zealand to stop flights to Vanuatu is now visible and also affecting Tourism.

The Vanuatu Government has stepped forward to address the Airport issues and this should see Air Zealand resume flights early next year 2018, but for the time being, the Vanuatu tourism sector, will continue to witness the huge drops in arrivals from New Zealand.

The New Zealand government though has done quite well to fill the huge financial gap created when Air Zealand ceased flights to Vanuatu by ensuring the economical benefits and support from New Zealand can still be visible to the Vanuatu people.

The continuous community based projects funded by the New Zealand Government, and the beautification programs, namely the current Seafront upgrade do provide Vanuatu some comfort.

However it is now evident, Vanuatu is in loss of its biggest tourism market.