NZ supports the establishment of a Vanuatu National Farmers’ Association

The government of New Zealand is providing policy advice and support to the Vanuatu government to establish a National Farmers’ Association. The request was raised with NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and NZ Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) earlier this year during a New Zealand facilitated and funded agricultural visit to New Zealand that involved the
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Livestock and Biosecurity (MAFFLB) and senior officials.

New Zealand responded positively to the request, providing the services of a New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries senior official, Mr Prakash Narayan – an expert in Policy Advice
and experienced in the establishment of industry associations in New Zealand.

Mr Narayan was here last month workshopping policy options with Minister Matai, Acting Director General Ben Shing, and the Directors of MAFFLB.

He presented a number of options for the establishment of such a framework. Government has opted for one that will establish a national Act of parliament which will then establish a
National Association and allows the establishment of other industry associations through Ministerial orders.

Mr Prakash will be presenting to government this month the details of the draft policy. Such policy will have to go through the normal Vanuatu government policy process before it gets
to State Law Office for drafting. A draft bill is expected to be ready for Minister Matai to table in the November parliament session.

This support is part of New Zealand’s overall assistance to the productive sector in Vanuatu. In 2016, Vanuatu, New Zealand and EU signed a joint partnership agreement to work together in Agriculture sector.

New Zealand is also supporting the development of key agriculture products in Vanuatu with a focus on Vanuatu Beef, coffee production on Aore and the supply of potato seeds for farmers on Tanna and Efate. New Zealand is pleased to be assisting with the development of Vanuatu’s agriculture sector through utilising New Zealand expertise and experience.