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Official results of 2016 snap election

Official Results of the 2016 Snap Election gazetted by the Electoral Commission of Vanuatu.

Official Results

Torres Constituency (1 seat)

1. Christophe Emelee (Vanuatu National Development Party, VNDP)

Total registered voters: 2,346
Total votes cast: 1,893
Turn out: 82%
Total void votes: 44
Total valid votes: 1,849

[indicator label=”Tournout” value=”82″]

Banks Constituency (1 seat)

1. Jack Wona (Vanuatu National Development Party, VNDP)

Total registered voters: 3,745
Total votes cast: 2,618
Turn out: 70%
Total void votes: 40
Total valid votes: 2,578

[indicator label=”Tournout” value=”70″]

Santo Constituency (7 seats)

1. Hosea Nevu (Iauko Group, IG)
2. Alfred Maoh (Graon mo Jastis Pati, GJP)
3. Samson Samsen (Vanuatu Presidential Party, VPP)
4. Gaetan Pikioune (Nagriamel, NAG)
5. Marko Mahe (Reunification of Movement for Change, RMC)
6. Edwin Amblus (FMP)
7. Ronald Warsal (Vanua’aku Pati, VP)

Total registered voters: 25,861
Total votes cast: 15,891
Turn out: 68%
Total void votes: 100
Total valid votes: 15,791

[indicator label=”Tournout” value=”68″]

Luganville Constituency (2 Seats)

1. Matai Seremiah (Independent, IND)
2. Marc Ati (Iauko Group, IG)

Total registered voters: 13,167
Total votes cast: 5,896
Turn out: 46%
Total void votes: 52
Total valid votes: 5,844

[indicator label=”Tournout” value=”46″]

Malo Constituency (1 Seat)

1. Havo Moli ( Nagriamel, NAG)

Total registered voters: 3,620
Total votes cast: 2,398
Turn out: 63%
Total void votes: 29
Total valid votes: 2,369

[indicator label=”Tournout” value=”63″]

Malekula Constituency (7 Seats)

1. Sato Kilman (People Progressive Party, PPP)
2. Esmon Saimon (Vaanuaku Pati, VP)
3. Marcelino Barthelemy (Reunification of Movement for Change, RMC)
4. Don Ken (PSP)
5. Jerome Ludvaune (Union of Moderate Party, UMP)
6. John Sala (Graon mo Jastis Pati, GJP)
7. Gracia Chadrack (Independent, IND)

Total registered voters: 17,141
Total votes cast: 13,528
Turn out: 79%
Total void votes: 93
Total valid votes: 13,435

[indicator label=”Tournout” value=”79″]

Ambrym Constituency (2 Seats)

1. Bruno Leingkon (National United Party, NUP)
2. Albert William (Graon mo Jastis Pati, GJP)

Total registered voters: 5,537
Total votes cast: 3,853
Turn out: 70%
Total void votes: 65
Total valid votes: 3,788

[indicator label=”Tournout” value=”70″]

Paama Constituency (1 Seat)

1. Fred William Tasso (Graon mo Jastis Pati, GJP)

Total registered voters: 998
Total votes cast: 769
Turn out: 78%
Total void votes: 6
Total valid votes: 763

[indicator label=”Tournout” value=”78″]

Pentecost Constituency (4 Seats)

1. Sailas Bule (National United Party, NUP)
2. Charlot Salwai (Reunification Movement for Change, RMC)
3. Francois Chani (National United Party, NUP)
4. Ham Lini (National United Party, NUP)

Total registered voters: 12,402
Total votes cast: 7,814
Turn out: 63%
Total void votes: 137
Total valid votes: 7,677

[indicator label=”Tournout” value=”63″]

Ambae Constituency (3 Seats)

1. Jacob Mata (independent, IND)
2. Jay Ngwele (Iauko Group, IG)
3. Alickson Vira (Natatok)

Total registered voters: 8,414
Total votes cast: 4,789
Turn out: 58%
Total void votes: 40
Total valid votes: 4,749

[indicator label=”Tournout” value=”58″]

Maewo Constituency (1 Seat)

1. Ian Wilson (Independent, IND)

Total registered voters: 2,3637
Total votes cast: 1,890
Turn out: 73%
Total void votes: 20
Total valid votes: 1,870

[indicator label=”Tournout” value=”73″]

Epi Constituency (2 Seats)

1. Isaac Daniel (Independent, IND)
2. Seoule Simeon (Union of Moderate Party. UMP)

Total registered voters: 3,905
Total votes cast: 2,965
Turn out: 76%
Total void votes: 34
Total valid votes: 2,931

[indicator label=”Tournout” value=”76″]

Tongoa Constituency (1 seat)

1. Kalo Pakoa Songi Lano (Iauko Group, IG)

Total registered voters: 2,095
Total votes cast: 1,279
Turn out: 61%
Total void votes: 9
Total valid votes: 1,270

[indicator label=”Tournout” value=”61″]

Shepherds Outer Islands Constituency (1 seat)

1. Toara Daniel (Vanuatu Green Confederation, VGC)

Total registered voters: 1,183
Total votes cast: 800
Turn out: 66%
Total void votes: 10
Total valid votes: 790

[indicator label=”Tournout” value=”66″]

Efate Constituency (4 seats)

1. Norris Jack (Union of Moderate Party, UMP)
2. Joshua Kalsakau (Vanuatu Labour Party, VLP)
3. Jerry Kanas (Independent, IND)
4. Nato Taiwia (Natatok)

Total registered voters: 30,479
Total votes cast: 13,191
Turn out: 55%
Total void votes: 160
Total valid votes: 13,031

[indicator label=”Tournout” value=”55″]

Port Vila Constituency (6 seats)

1. Kenneth Natapei (Vaanuaku Pati, VP)
2. Ismael Kalsakau (Union of Moderate Party, UMP)
3. Ralph Regenvanu (Graon mo Jastis Pati, GJP)
4. Jean Pierre Nirua (Independent, IND)
5. Kalo Seule (Vanuatu Green Confederation, VGC)
6. Ephraim Kalsakau (Independent, IND)

Total registered voters: 37,315
Total votes cast: 15,492
Turn out: 41%
Total void votes: 141
Total valid votes: 15,351

[indicator label=”Tournout” value=”41″]

Tanna Constituency (7 seats)

1. Joe Natuman (Vanua’aku Pati, VP)
2. Jotham Napat (Leaders Party of Vanuatu, LPV)
3. Bob Loughman (Vanua’aku Pati, VP)
4. Tom Nauam (Independent, IND)
5. Nakou Natuman (Union of Moderate Party, UMP)
6. Johnny Koanapo (Vanua’aku Pati, VP)
7. Andrew Napuat (Graon mo Jastis Pati, GJP)

Total registered voters: 26,558
Total votes cast: 16,406
Turn out: 63%
Total void votes: 139
Total valid votes: 16,267

[indicator label=”Tournout” value=”63″]

Tafea Outer Islands Constituency (1 seat)

1. Tomker Naling (Union of Moderate Parties, UMP)

Total registered voters: 2,759
Total votes cast: 2,014
Turn out: 72%
Total void votes: 22
Total valid votes: 1,992

[indicator label=”Tournout” value=”72″]

Download Extraordinary Gazette No. 1 of 2016 (dated 1 February 2016).