O’Neill re-elected Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Parliament has re-elected  Peoples National Congress Party leader, Peter O’Neill  as the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea this afternoon.

Mr.O’Neill was nominated by Abau MP, Sir Puka Temu and seconded by Hagen Open MP William Duma.

O’Neill was returned to the PM’s post with 60-46 votes.

The Parliament  was  suspended until the ringing of the bells by the Speak  to give enough time for the  Prime Minister elect  to go to the Government Haus to be sworn in  by the Governor General, Sir Bod Dadae.

Earlier in the morning, two nominees were made for the Speakers  post. The Alotau Camp nominated Member for Manus Open Hon. Job Pomat  as their choice of the speaker, while the Alliance camp nominated Hon. Allan Marat.  A secret ballot was conducted by the Parliament officials  and the result saw Job Pomat elected Speaker of the 10th Parliament.

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