Picture of assesement by Red cross Austraia

Only Food Crops Were Damaged and Minor Damaged to Houses in South Pentecost

Picture of assesement  by Red cross Austraia
Picture of assesement by Red cross Austraia

Pentecost Island is one of the 83 islands of Vanuatu. It lies 190 kilometer’s to north of capital Port Vila, it is one of the island people fear it would hit hard by cyclone Pam.

On Thursday cyclone PAM has passed outside of east of Pentecost going towards Shepherd Islands on Friday 13 march 2015. It travelled through shepherd group causing major damaged to homes and villages on its way to Port Vila the capital of Vanuatu and move to southern part of Vanuatu.

YTS News team were able to catch up with Pastor Rolandson Bebe from Panlimsi village on south  Pentecost which he describe the damaged as minor damaged to the villages houses in south Pentecost, there is no serious accident nor casualties of the cyclone.

He said cash crops and food are badly affected by clone Pam which is significant to the livelihood of the islanders.

“The evacuation center of people in Pangi area were churches and schools in Pangi were many resident seek the refuge after the cyclone”. Stressed Mr. Bebe

He continued by saying that food they had left is the food from the garden which cyclone has damaged but they can still survived on the garden crops like Taro and other root crops.

“After one month time, people will start running out of food unless aid will be provide before their left over food is out.” Continued Mr Bebe

Ration were also nearly out since most of the ship didn’t service them for a week,

The assessment were done by area council administer and nurses in pangi on south Pentecost

However, YTS were trying to contact people of east Pentecost as of yesterday but we can’t reached them, it is one of the feared region of Pentecost.

In other news, Pentecost student who were studying at Ranwadi were send home because of the fear of shortage of ratio and water, so the school administration allow Pentecost student to go back to their home for them to feed other student who sleep in school.

“Every student and staffs were fine”, confirmed by MR Albert Bule teacher of Ranwadi college posted on Ranwadi facebook group,

Below are his quote when asked if student and staff plus school building were alright.

“The only problem now is shortage of ration and fuel to keep us going. This weekend we had to send Pentecost students home for weekend out so that we could spare some food to last us until the next ship gets from santo.” He added on facebook group


School should be expected to resume to normal class by next week according to the press released by Minister of Education and Training (MoET) Bob Loughman.