Opinion: Reinstate Jason Rakau now!

Airports Vanuatu:

I have been following the recent wholly unjustified dismissal of AVL CEO Jason Rakau.

I believe I am reasonably qualified to comment on this developing situation. I do so in the interest of the people of Vanuatu

Jason has provided excellent service to AVL and enjoys the full support of the staff and management.

Alain Lew, has coerced certain MP’s / Ministers to reinstate him as Chairman of AVL. Lew is neither qualified nor a fit and proper person for this task.

The Nation of Vanuatu was recently granted $60m to upgrade and improve aviation infrastructure critical to the fiscal stability of the nation. Shortly after Alain Lew had himself reinstated by “highly questionable” means.

Lew is now dismissing senior / key staff and installing his own henchmen !

I fully support the proposed strike action by AVL staff.