An Opposition Bloc MP has started what is most likely the hottest debate ever on social media this year 2020 when he posted remarks about the current appointments being made inside the Loughman led Government.

MP for Ambrym Island, John Salong, already involved in a debate earlier in the year about the Seasonal Work program has now entangled himself by suggesting the current Government belongs to Tanna Island.

MP Salong raised concerns that the PM is from Tanna Island along with the Minister of Finance.

He also stated that the Public Service Chairman is also from Tanna Island and the Newly appointed Tender Board Chairman is also from Tanna Island.

Mr Salong also says a lot of political appointees are from Tanna Island.

The Government has responded saying any Government represents the people of Vanuatu and Island of origin does not really matter.

Commentators have taken to social media saying leaders must unite and not create differences amongst themselves and the people.

Residents from Tanna and the public online have publicly objected to what MP Salong posted and say it is offensive to say the Vanuatu Government is solely for the Tanna people.

The Government has through media also stated that Shefa Province has 5 Ministers of State however reiterates that the Loughman Government looks out for the best interest of the people of Vanuatu.