Opposition leaders questions Government over Indonesian tent inside Korman Stadium

The Vanuatu Leader of the Opposition, Alatoi Ishmael Kalsakau, has openly questioned the Vanuatu Government and Chinese Government for erecting an Indonesian tent inside the Korman Stadium complex.

Mr. Alatoi is also questioning VASANOC whether they are part of this as well.

Kalsakau remarked that “the Vanuatu Government does not want the opposition to join forces with them because there are elements inside the Opposition that do not support Government efforts for a Free West Papua”

The Honorable leader says “It is a mockery to Vanuatu to erect this tent on the eve of VAN2017”

Athletes have made comments supporting the leader of the opposition, asking the Vanuatu Government to remove the tent as it is seen as a total disgrace to Vanuatu’s strong stance for a Free West Papua.