Opposition say PM must step down

During the press conference yesterday the opposition came out saying Sato Kilman does not have the numbers to be in power and under any democracy when the Government has lost its numbers, it needs to step down.

Interim VP President Joe Natuman say’s “Sato must think about the consequences affecting our people and not just his own interest”

“We have been through a category 5 cyclone and now are currently into the EL Nino season, and with the cost implicated a dissolution would not be a good idea”

“Sato currently has 12 members of Parliament, he can swear in one or two more but where will that lead him?” says Natuman, “He needs 27 when in Parliament which is obvious he does not have”

MP Ralph Regenvanu and MP Lini met with Sato Kilman over the issue of forming a Government of National Unity but as MP Regenvanu stated in the press conference “the PM must resign before we initiate talks to form a new government to ensure there is neutrality when discussions to form the new government begin”

MP Regenvanu continued that “Sato led a corrupt regime which the courts sent to jail for breaking the law which is understood by all and there is no doubt that they are convicted”.

The PM has come out on media with a different version of the meeting but as the opposition clears the air on the issue it is a wait to see what will happen next as the opposition claims 25 MP’s whilst the PM leads 12 MP’s pending the appeal by the 14 incarcerated.

There is now some confusions as to who is telling the truth but amidst all the talks the president of the republic has given both sides until the 6th of November before declaring a dissolution.