Over 30 students face discipline over alcohol use

The Malapoa College School Board will meet this week to decide the fate of over 30 students involved in consuming alcohol during a picnic on the weekend at Eton Beach.

The Picnic was organized by students boarding in the school and other students who live at home.

All the boarding students that were involved signed out of school to attend Church Service that Saturday.

Residents at Eton became concerned when they noticed that the students were drinking and immediately notified the school authorities who arrived not long after.

School Authorities were surprised at the amount of alcohol already consumed by the students and took action straight away by bringing the students back to school and back to their homes.

It is understood all the students are suspended pending the school board decision.

Alcohol sale to minors must be monitored by authorities as at that picnic one student nearly lost his life.

Social Media released images of the students fully drunk on the beach. There was also a picture of the school truck there but this was driven by teachers who went to Eton to get the Students back.

Pending the school Council decision which is yet to be made, there is word that all the students will be withdrawn from Malapoa College.