OXFAM funding Politic’s in Vanuatu

Amidst the current uproar over the NGO, Oxfam International in Vanuatu part in the march for quotas that were taken to the Vanuatu Government, new information is surfacing which greatly questions the role of Oxfam, as an NGO, in Vanuatu.

Despite the many community works and initiatives, of which Oxfam has carried out throughout the country, information surfacing says, Oxfam was instrumental in the formation of Leleon Vanua Democratic Party (LVDP) and also funded the whole set up of that particular party.

Reports say Oxfam International has funded Logistics cost, food, and accommodations during the formation of the Leleon Vanua Democratic Party (LVDP).

Women Leaders inside VNCW say Oxfam had an MOU with the Vanuatu National Women’s Council – VNCW, but yet chose to go its own way and was only interested in funding Leleon Vanua Democratic Party (LVDP) and that the whole quota idea was a political propaganda initiated by Oxfam for the Leleon Vanua Democratic Party (LVDP).

Oxfam International in Vanuatu is now being accused of masterminding the move to have quotas introduced and is also behind the formation of a political party.

During the handing over of a petition to introduce the 50% quota to the Vanuatu Government, Elizabeth Faerua, Country Director of Oxfam in Vanuatu told media “Oxfam is proud to support the local Vanuatu organizations and networks that are working so hard to create positive change in our community. We believe in a strong and ethical democracy. We are proud to support women’s leadership and to amplify the voices of our mamas, sisters, daughters, and granddaughters”

The Vanuatu Government did come out to receive the petition, however, the Government also through the Ministry of Internal Affairs stated, ‘it will not tolerate foreign organizations interfering with political issues of this country.’

Many social media sites in Vanuatu show the discontent people have for Oxfam and it is a widespread notion in Vanuatu that Oxfam has overstepped its boundaries.

The Vanuatu Government believes NGO’s should stick to their roles and not meddle with sovereign issues or issues of the state.

The vast concerns have been raised to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and it still remains to be seen how the Vanuatu Government will deal with the current situation as NGOs are not allowed to participate in local politics even if it involves supporting the community.

The news of am NGO funding politics in Vanuatu does suggest a lot of NGOs might be political fronts, and yet, the Vanuatu Government knows nothing about what is happening right under its own nose.