Oxfarm exploring Digital Payments Solutions for Humanitarian Aid in Vanuatu

This week Oxfam is exploring digital payments solutions for humanitarian aid in Vanuatu and hoping to link it to other technology.

Oxfarm cash transfer feasibility study workshop was organised for 2 days as an introduction to Cash Transfer Programme and it’s feasibility study in Vanuatu with objectives to get perspectives from major partners and stakeholders on CTP and start discussions on strategic links and partnerships.

Oxfam has used cash transfers to respond to a range of acute and chronic needs for over 20 years.

From 2005, cash transfer programming (CTP) began to represent a significant proportion of aid delivered by Oxfam and partners in humanitarian contexts, and this trend has been rising ever since, with the latest figures showing Oxfam’s humanitarian cash spend to have reached over 107 million pounds since 2005.

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Oxfam’s approach is fundamentally market-based, incorporating delivery of aid through market structures, as well as work to support and strengthen the capacity of key market actors and infrastructures (supporting traders and access to credit, rehabilitating infrastructure).