Pacific Islands must benefit from sustainable management of fisheries in their EEZs.

The 48th Pacific Island Forum has acknowledged the progress made by the Fisheries Task Force in implementing its agreed work program, and noted the need for national level policy coherence to support regional policy positions.

The PIF have decided that as highlighted in the Tuna Political Mapping Report and noted the need to consult further with the relevant fisheries experts on the proposed recommendations in the report.

Leaders recognized from their dialogues with stakeholders that the increasing demands for fisheries resources across the region requires coherent and coordinated approaches to address multidimensional issues including illegal, unreported, unregulated (IUU) fishing, and monitoring, control and surveillance.

Leaders noted with concern reports that the negotiation of a new management measure for tropical tuna in the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission is being used by some WCPFC members, including some Forum Dialogue Partners to undermine zone based measures, that Forum Members have developed in exercise of their sovereign rights under international law.

Leaders called on such partners to withdraw proposals for flag State based measures and to actively support Forum members’ efforts to gain benefits from sustainable management of fisheries in their EEZs.