Papua is Ready and Able to Hold the XX National Sports Week

The Papua National Sports Week (PB PON) Committee ensures that the national sports event will be able to be held on Earth Cenderawasih. For this reason, PB PON encourages the local provincial government to form an acceleration team for XX PON in order to increase readiness in the implementation of the national sporting event.

Deputy Chairperson of the Papua PB PON Daily, Yusuf Yambe Yabdi, said that the acceleration team, which also included PB PON, aimed to check the readiness of the sporting event.

“So, in addition to carrying out monitoring and evaluation every week before the PON, it is also recommended to form an acceleration team,” he said, Wednesday (9/6).

According to him, the acceleration team will be evaluated every week by the Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Papua Province Dance Yulian Flassy in coordination meetings and monitoring of PON readiness.

“Meanwhile, what has been running now should be completed, without having to go back to the back considering the implementation of the PON is near,” said Yusuf.

Meanwhile, Inspector General of the Ministry of Home Affairs Tumpak Haposan Simanjuntak said, in the monitoring and evaluation meeting that was held his party recommended several things before the implementation of PON XX.

“We recommend that a help desk be established in each field consisting of each institution related to their respective duties and functions in the implementation of XX PON to resolve existing problems as well as mitigate and anticipate potential problems,” he said.

It is also necessary to emphasize in more detail the division of authority between PB, sub-PB and fields, as well as the formation of cross-institutional assistance teams, both at the center and at the cluster level if not yet available.

“It is recommended to monitor and evaluate on an ongoing basis. Where, considering the time, it is necessary to do weekly, both reviews, assistance, and assistance in compliance with the quality of preparation of various aspects,” said Haposan.

Previously, the General Chair of the Central KONI, Marciano Norman, ensured that preparations for the Papua National Sports Week (PON) would continue despite threats from the regional governments of Jayapura and Mimika.

Marciano said Jayapura City had started to resume preparations. In addition, he continued, communication with Mimika Regent Eltinus Omaleng continues.

“I have come to Papua and solved this problem. For the City of Jayapura, we have followed the directions,” Marciano said, Tuesday.

“For Mimika, we have spoken with the regent. We have listened to his wishes and the problems that arose during the meeting with PB PON have been communicated and God willing, everything will work again, “he added.
Marciano explained that the root of the problem that caused the rejection of the Papua PON host was the uncertainty of the disbursement of the PB PON budget. According to him, Sub-PB PON in the four clusters has not yet received clarity regarding the budget from PB PON.

Meanwhile, he continued, the local government has poured a lot of funds for the construction of infrastructure and venues for the national multi-event event.

“There is a debate over budget issues that have not been matched. The Mimika Regency budget will be supported later, but the stages are waiting for the flow from the APBD and APBN. However, we listened to the complaint and submitted it to the Ministry of Youth and Sports,” said Marciano.

Furthermore, the former head of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) ensures that problems related to the budget will be resolved immediately so that the preparation of the Papua PON remains optimal.

“The success of the Papuan PON is not only the pride of Papua, but the Indonesian people. So it’s in our interest to solve these problems so it doesn’t complicate things,” Marciano said.

Mimika Regent Eltinus Omaleng had emphasized that his party had stopped all preparations for the Papua PON until PB PON provided certainty regarding the budget for the four-year sports festival.

Mimika Regency has proposed a budget of around Rp 500 billion to Rp 700 billion, but only Rp 78 billion has been realized.

“We will move again after there is information on how many rights have been obtained or given to Mimika Regency, whether they are in accordance with Mimika’s needs or not. As long as that is not there, all activities will be stopped,” said Eltinus in Timika.(*)