Pelam: Renew Tourism Permits for 2019

The Director of Tourism, Donald Pelam, is appealing to all Tourism operators throughout Vanuatu to renew permits as of this month, November 2018.

Pelam says “The Department of Tourism is issuing out Tourism Permits for 2019 to all tourism businesses such as Hotels, Resorts, Motels, Bungalows, Cultural villages, Tour / Transfer operators within the six Provinces”

Permits will be approved for operators that have been assessed and have met the minimum standards set by the Department of Tourism to operate in the Tourism Industry.

Pelam reminds every operator that there are two permits; one being the Conditional Permit and the second is the Full Permit.

The conditional permits are for six months and are provided to operators who do require some time to improve on shortfalls before being able to get a full permit for two years.

The Department reminds everyone that ‘Conditional Permits’ can’t be renewed.

A Full Permit is, however, renewable after two years and within the period of two years, there will be frequent inspections of those products to ensure that standards prevail.

The Director is “appealing to all the tourism operators to apply for a tourism permit for the next year 2019.”

Tourism operators are expected to present their tourism permits before obtaining a business license from the Department of Customs, Rates, and Taxes or from the Provincial Head Quarter in each province.

Pelam is reminding operators to be “mindful that if you are operating a tourism activity as a business and don’t have a tourism permit, you won’t be eligible to get a business licence”

The Department of Tourism ask that all operators call the department for further information on telephone 33400 and ask for acting Principal Officer Ms. Kehana Andrews and Inspection officer Ms. Elma Didis.