The Pele Island Agreement broken by an ‘Ultimatum’

ULTIMATUM: ‘a final demand or statement of terms, the rejection of which will result in retaliation or a breakdown in relations’.
After the 2016 elections, the functions looking to form the new Government took to Pele Island and camped in the hope of forming a coalition to form the new Vanuatu Government.
The negotiations were swift as a mixture of experienced heads steered to fastened a new political face that will renew and reset the history of Politics in Vanuatu.
The Parties went on to sign an MOA, setting the tone for a new Government, one filled with very educated elected members of Parliament, a new force reckoned to change Vanuatu’s history as the new blood elected looked to prove that Independent candidates are not instigators of political instability.
Heading into 2017, the newly formed Salwai Government, set out positively, setting groundbreaking developments never before witnessed in Vanuatu.
During the Pele Island negotiations, all parties were told to look at how they could accommodate other party’s and ensure their demands and needs were met fairly and also to see that the distribution of political portfolios is fair.
During the talks, Salwai’s RMC went to and fro, picking up support and lobbying to take the PM position and finally, during the last stages of the negotiations, VP nominated RMC to take the ‘pigs head’ and was seconded by LPV.
The Agreement was already prepared by then and all the party’s at Pele Island signed the agreement, the MOA that became the guide and the instrument to form a new Government, and all party’s wants and needs were agreed to and were bound by this MOA.
In 2017, despite having the majority on the Government side, three separate motions to remove PM Salwai were tabled in Parliament.
Despite 2017 being a historical year for development in Vanuatu, it was also the year, PM Salwai was given an ultimatum to reshuffle the cabinet during the month of December or be removed from the PM position.
This ultimatum has indeed broken the ‘MOA’ signed by all party’s at Pele Island and has freed up all political party’s to go their own way and it is evident that PM Salwai must make a move or his Government will fall apart within his own ranks.
Most MP’s say it is a disappointment to witness the young energetic members of Parliament, being involved in writing up the various motions to bring down a Government.
It is said the PM has great respect for the young MP’s as their educated minds have set a new trend in Vanuatu politics and are the driving force behind Vanuatu politics and it is a great disappointment to see and hear them wander into the old political trends that Vanuatu has tried for so long to rid from Parliament.
Word spread around the Political groupings that a new young MP is running around with a motion for the member’s of parliament to sign and oust PM Salwai, and though the motion failed, the very thought that a new MP could do this was enough to wake the whole Government.
The ‘Ultimatum’ given PM Salwai for more portfolios was not taken kindly by other senior coalition members, as they felt, the parties should have approached the PM in a more civil manner by writing to redress and amend the Pele Island Agreement, which they themselves drew up and look to resolve the matter as guided by the agreement which is clear no one gave regard to before giving PM Salwai an ‘Ultimatum’.
The ‘Pele Island Agreement or MOA’ is now broken and it is clear that the consequences of the ‘Ultimatum’ which was given PM Salwai, will be felt within the next 48 hours.