Penama Province acquires land extension for evacuees

The Penama Provincial Government has paid the first installment to acquire an extension to the land Penam Province currently occupies.

The Penama Provincial President, Alban Garae and Saratamata Landowners’ representative Mr. Steven Vusi put pen to paper to pave way for the current relocation and evacuation on Ambae.

After many years of negotiations and arrangement, the landowners finally agreed and their representative said ‘with the current situation affecting Ambae, communities affected by Volcanic ashfall in North and South Ambae can move to the Provincial Land Extension.’

The newly acquired land extension will also allow Penama Province to provide a comfortable environment for communities around Ambae that are greatly affected. 

According to the Geo-Hazard volcano danger zones, the mentioned area is also a safe zone.

The Penama Provincial Council President made the payment in front of Ambae chiefs Representatives.

In its efforts with the short to long-term evacuation plan, the Provincial Government is taking the lead to finding the best solutions possible for the people of Ambae.

Further discussions are also underway for further land to be acquired by the Provincial Government for the Communities of West Ambae.