Penama Province Council to be suspended

The Penama Provincial Council is to be suspended as announced by the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Minister for Internal Affairs, Andrew Napaut said he won’t go into all the details until the official signing of the suspension but one reason is going against a government decision during the state of emergency on Ambae.

“All the other reasons included in the suspension itself will be released during the official signing of the order to suspend the council.”

Mr Napuat said he has recently talked to the president of the Penama Council about his decision and has based his decision on a report last month from a team he has sent to investigate the Penama Council and the report had confirmed a lot of irregularities of which do demand that the council be suspended.

Mr Napuat said among the many reasons for suspension there is also evidence of misuse and misappropriation of council funds and also the Penama Council is continuing to do things outside of what the government wants.