Police calling for safety

Vanuatu Police Force has again made a friendly reminder that every citizen needed to be safe from gender issues, denomination, race and island of origin.

The message was echoed after the recent alleged murder of another student which is believed to be last week has prompt massive worry about the safety of the female students being subjected to sexual harassment and other illegal acts.

Police said no one has been charged yet in relation to the death of the deceased.

The body of the student was found by the bread delivery van in the early hours of Saturday (15.08.21) morning.

The deceased is a year 10 female student at Vanuatu’s French leading school Lycée Louis Antoine de Bougainville in Port Vila and was last seen at school on Friday before she went to her death.

Details are sketchy about the case with neither the local police nor the relatives releasing particulars about it.

The police are still handing for relevant information and are asking every people who might have any suspicious information to report to the Police Station.

Meanwhile, the student was allegedly told that she boarded a white Toyota Box Bus on her way home but she never made it until her body was recovered earlier the next day before the police were alerted.

Remarkably the dead of young vulnerable women is rocketing that needed to be addressed regionally.