Constables Jack Kanas and Noelline Saksak patrol the streets of Port Vila, Vanuatu 2007. Photo: Rob Maccoll / AusAID

Police concerned following the deaths of 3 students in a week

The Vanuatu Police has issued a statement on their Facebook page, that the Vanuatu Police is very concerned about the deaths of 3 students last week.

Police say they have attended the 3 deaths which involved students from different schools in Vanuatu namely Monmarte on Efate, Epauto on Efate, and Hog Harbour on Santo.

Police in Port Vila and Santo initiated investigations into all deaths and have established the cause of death for the student from Hog Harbour Secondary School and the Epauto Student but have yet to establish the cause of death for the female student from Monmarte.

As the deaths involved students still at school, Police are concerned over security and administrations at the schools and also the parental involvement in one of the deaths.

The statement said ‘parents and teachers must take serious consideration of a child’s security when planning activities for our children’

The Police also advise parents that ‘the education background of any child begins at home and this is where love, unity, and sharing of ideas start’

‘When a child leaves home to go to school, the teacher is responsible, and school is where advanced learning for the child’s future began’

The Police say ‘for the suicide case at Hog Harbour Secondary School involving a year 9 student, Police have established that it is an internal family issue, which resulted in the young boy committing suicide’

Police appeal to parents that ‘a school is no place for parents to raise sensitive family matters and Police suggest sensitive family matters or any matter concerning the family must be raised in a home in a suitable manner to children’

Police also say ‘parents or guardians must always think about their child’s safety. Even if its a grown-up student, still it is the parent’s responsibility when they leave for school and return from school’

‘It is also important, that School administrations and the Ministry of Education ensure that when a child enrolls at a school, whenever they enter the school premises, it is the school that is responsible for their safety and must look at the risk involved in any activity that might endanger a child’s safety’

Police say ‘the investigations into the death of the female Montmartre student is still ongoing and Police are asking that everyone cooperate to helping the Police resolve the current issues affecting our students’