Deputy Commissioner Taleo

Political Interference in Deputy Police Commissioner’s Case

Confirmed reports say the deputy commissioner of police, Mr. Taleo who earlier this week crashed his car into a tree may also stand to face charges of negligence.

Mr. Taleo who is also Commander of Operations for the Vanuatu Police Force neglected his duty whilst the country is in a state of emergency. Mr. Taleo if charged can be sentenced to prison.

Reports in from villagers at Eton Village say Mr. Taleo was seen drinking with another fellow police officer, John Henry Silas, who is a Warrant Officer, at 3pm on a the beach between Eton Village and Dry Creek also was seen with the other police officers drinking during government working hours in a government vehicle.

This is the second time Mr. Taleo crashed a government vehicle under his responsibility.

Yumi Toktok Stret has found out that when Mr. Taleo crashed the first government vehicle, the late Minister Patrick Crowby stepped in to warn the Police Service Commission’s chairman, Mr. Sam Dan Avock not to suspend Mr. Taleo.

It remains to be seen what the Vanuatu Police Service Commission will do this time around.

If Mr. Taleo does get a suspension, then John Henry Silas, the Warrant Officer must also receive the same penalty.

There are reports of two other people in the truck as there were remains of sand behind the back seats of the Police car that indicated two people who may have sat on the beach and returned to sit in the back seats and villagers from Eton and Dry Creek say there were 4 people on the beach drinking.

Investigations are still continuing but the Vanuatu Police Services Commission is under immense pressure to finally discipline Mr. Taleo, and confirmed reports from YTS sources say, “There will be no political interference this time around”