Politicians lie with a straight face in campaigns

When Vanua’ aku Party allowed young people to run their candidate in the Port Vila constituency, we never did expect to hear bullshit from our senior politicians.

Whilst on the campaign trials, a few other people also used the name Vanu; aku Pati to boost their standings in the elections. Some came out saying the Vanua’ aku Pati President nominated them┬áto run in the elections.

It became interesting when candidates from other party’s applied to the VP Port Vila RCC to contest under Vanua’ aku Pati and were rejected by both the Port Vila RCC and Vanua’ aku Pati executive yet they stood before crowds in the campaigns and said they were endorsed by the VP President.

Creed is still visible in the reunification groupings and if the reunification want to talk about change they need to first stop lying to each other, and start respecting boundaries and political institution rules.

It has been amusing to see grown men lie in public for want of power. During the closing campaigns of one of the candidates, they had to stand up and talk about being endorsed by the President of Vanua’ aku Pati.

Sadly though Port Vila Constituency is in the hands of youths and it is them and their RCC who decide what happens in Port Vila but not some Tom, Dick and Harry, who wants to find a short cut to become an MP.

It was interesting to see grown men acting desperate but it has been worth the time watching them do this too.