It is amusing to see the Prime Minister of Vanuatu fight against the Police, fight against the Public Servants, fight against the politicians, fight against public opinion and fast becoming the most unpopular PM in Vanuatu history. Public Perspective has been against Kilman since he became PM.

On the other side the Opposition is trying to make amends and have offered the PM a counter offer to what the PM had presented to Opposition leaders concerning a government of national unity. It has become a tug of war, one which is very funny when you read the social media comments and one which does not really look out for the interest of the people but rather does show a lot of political interest.

After all the talks between the Government and the Opposition, a solution is yet to present itself as both sides still do not command the numbers needed and the Prime Minister still holds on to power with the minority active MP’s from parliament. No compromise so nothing there concerning public interest.

The idea right now by the Prime Minister is dissolution which in itself looks good, sounds good, but will not really be in the interest of the people given Cyclone PAM has just passed and El Nino is causing food and water shortages and our peoples livelihood and well being is placed under a risk and if we spend money on politicians to run a dissolution rather than look to improve the EL Nino issue, I would say there is no public interest in the decision either.

A lot of the political advisers are too privileged and the heart felt issue’s of the Vanuatu people’s well being and livelihood are not priority as the fight turns to who will be the strongest to survive the political struggle or who will win and who will lose.

The issues are many but the examples to why the prime Minister does not want to resolve the issue with the opposition range from insults by the opposition, insults by the opposition, and insults by the opposition.

Pride has become the stumbling for both sides but yet the people remain optimistic. The people wait to see what will be the outcome as the Prime Minister feels that the opposition have offended him too much, and his feelings are more important and require a dissolution. Pretty convincing but yes we the Vanuatu people do not buy this crap anymore. An emotional Government is the least thing we need on our conscience at the moment.

People will want to see whether politics will be a priority interest or the peoples interest will be a priority. If there are dissolution’s then it it must be in the interest of the people and not dissolve because politics remains the reason for a dissolution.

All political decisions though must be to the peoples interest and that would be El Nino is more important, recovering from cyclone PAM is more important. Spending money where is should be spent is more important. Money must be spent on the Vanuatu people first, and public interest should be the priority.

It is an interesting situation to see Politics up against The Public Interest.