Polly Walker-Dorras Speaks about the Violent Incident Involving her Father

Polly Walker, the daughter of victim of the violent incident that took place on Friday night involving her father Peter Walker, speaks about the incident.

“There is also a lot of incorrect information being posted on social media and many of you are now aware due to media reports about a violent incident involving my father.”

Daily post reports Acclaimed Wan Smolbag director and co-founder Peter Walker and two of his cousins visiting from overseas were savagely attacked on Friday night.

The three were staying at a family property at the Bouffa Range and around 10:00 p.m. four masked men emerged from the bush and savagely attacked the trio.

“On Friday 30 August 2019 around 10 o’clock at night, my father, Peter Walker and his cousin and her husband were very violently assaulted at our parent’s property up the VNPF property at Bouffa Range, a location close to Lololima School.”

“It is extremely difficult to comprehend this horrific violence and there is no understanding how any human being could do this to another human being”, she said.

“The shock and horror of seeing my father and his cousin and her husband treated that way will never leave me.”

“To the people who are posting misinformation and some downright nasty lies, I would ask you to please think about the impact this has on the family and the victims of this senseless crime.”

“My father is one of the most amazing men I know and I have always admired him and been inspired by him.”

“His capacity to care for others, for the world and to want to make a difference is beyond measure.”

“He is strong and I know with all the support that he will be ok in the end of this all.”

Police Forensics and CID at the Vila Central Hospital before the Medevac.

“At present I understand all are stable and receiving medical care in New Zealand and Australia, thanks to medical insurance, the Vanuatu Mobile Force were able to bring them down to the ambulance and the Promedical team were beyond amazing and did all they could to provide first instance emergency treatment, and the staff at the Vila Central Hospital were also incredible and we are very thankful for the care they provided.”

“The Wan Smolbag Theatre staff and our Port Vila family friends have been our constant support and it has been overwhelming to see the outpouring of love for my father and for our family.”

“I cannot thank you all enough for what you have done for us at this terrible time, thank you again for all the love and support wishes to our family.”

Who is Peter Walker

Peter Walker started the Wan Smolbag Theatre group 30 years ago in Port Vila with his wife Joanne Dorras.

Peter Walker (far left) with the Wan Smolbag group when it first started and they were based at the Chief’s Nakamal in Port Vila. Photo/DP

He is now the Director of Wan Smolbag and has changed many lives through performing arts.

Peter and Jo are well known also for producing the ‘Love Patrol‘ series which becomes the first ni-Vanuatu television series performed by Wan Smolbag Theatre.

It is a soap opera with a serious message, intended primarily to educate viewers on the topic of AIDS and also tackles youth unemployment, police brutality and the hypocrisy of keeping youth uninformed about sex – STIs among young people, high teenage pregnancy, lack of discourse on sex.