Promoting Vanuatu in the Netherlands

Eco-tourism is another major point for both Vanuatu Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Meltek Sato Kilman and Vanuatu Honorary Consul to the Netherlands Mrs. Van Vliet. During a meeting at the Vanuatu embassy in Brussels, they were both in agreement that the promotion of Vanuatu as a holiday destination would be greatly beneficial to the country, but that not enough was being done by Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO) as of yet.

As such Vanuatu, through the Vanuatu Embassy in Brussels and the Vanuatu Honorary Consulate in the Netherlands will be represented at the Vakantiebeurs (holiday convention) in the Netherlands in January. This is the biggest convention of its kind in Western Europe and will almost assuredly mean a boon for Vanuatu’s tourism sector. Travel and Tourism represents a large and fast growing service industry in the Netherlands.

Goal is to promote Vanuatu by partnering with Pacific Island Travel, Dutch tour/travel specialist in tailor-made trips to Australia, New Zealand, the islands of the South Pacific and Hawaii, to allow the international traveler to discover Vanuatu.