Protesters asking PNG PM to step down

Planned protest this morning started off with surprise huge turn out of police personnel’s stationed in strategic locations around the Unagi oval where a anti-government protest is being held. Police are currently setting up barricade to prevent people from protesting

The planned protest was to call on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, who’s faced with number of worrying corruption allegations and charges currently before court of law, including worrying trend of PNG’s economic statues.

Kenn Mondiai a outspoken activist said “general public coming to the protest gathering at unagi oval have been barred by NCD police and that is in clear breach National Court Order”

Police restricted any protest march to the National Archives but allowed for the public gathering to remain at the Unagi Oval.

Mr. Anjo and his team are awaiting a team from the PM’s Department to arrive before midday today to receive their petition.

“We have a court order in place and police cannot defy this order. Attempts to stop them will result in contempt charges laid against the Police.” Mr. Anjo said.

Meanwhile earlier today, NCD’s top cop Benjamin Turi said the protest march will not be allowed to go ahead due to exams as well as the APEC meeting scheduled for this week.