Public Servants have all government records

A reliable source inside the the Public Sector has said the current actions of the Minister for MIPU will only harm the Minister himself and his party.

The source outlined the fact that public servants are charged with government administration and have better records and data on money and contracts engaged by the Vanuatu Government.

Following the suspension of the DG of MIPU the source continued that if Minister Ngari wishes to test the vulnerability of his own strength and powers then he must be prepared to be at the receiving end of what will come out once the public sector joins the fight against corruption.

The source continued “The Minister needs to know who have damaged MIPU the most and this is one information he will not like”

“The allegations against the DG must be proven though” continued the source; “or the suspension will look as being an excuse for the Minister of MIPU to contract his own people into MIPU Projects around the country.”

“Its always a good thing if a politician remembers that all government records are held by the public administration staff that are appointed by the PSC.”