PVELTA seeking legal advice for a defamation claim against Daily Post

The President of the Port Vila Efate Land Transport Association – PVELTA Donald Massing, says the PVELTA “will seek legal advice to take Daily Post to court for defamation”

“PVELTA has over 4000 members and we do not appreciate the fact that DP published a story that is not true and did not bother to take our side of the story”

“Dan McGarry from Daily Post has never emailed us, nor texted anyone of us at PVELTA for our side of the story before publishing on social media and on newsprint”

“The laws apply to everyone and we feel DP has done us wrong and we are now seeking legal advice”

The PVELTA claim Daily Post lied when they published on social media and newsprint that the PVELTA drivers threw rocks at the Adventures in Paradise Bus.

“We want to prove in court that we did not nthrow rocks at the Adventures in Paradise Bus”