PVLA: Renewal of Permits

The Office of Public Land Transport Authority has been established by an Act of Parliament through Public Land Transport Act No. 4 of 2015. The Office is located under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Authority is a body corporate with Board Members appointed by the Act and is headed by a Chief Executive Officer.


The Authority has the overall function to control the operation and management of public land transport in Vanuatu. As of January 1, 2018, the Authority has taken on the role of issuing public land transport drivers permit and vehicle permit usually performed by Department of Customs & Inland Revenue and Municipalities and Provincial Governments respectively. Permits issued by other authorities in December MUST be replaced by PLTA this month.

Provincial Representation

The Authority is represented in our provinces by Presidents of Provincial Public Land Transport Associations registered with the Authority as provided for under Section 11 – 15 of the Act. Due to the insufficient budget allocated to the Authority to recruit more staffs, the Provincial Public Land Transport Presidents have been appointed to receive applications and issue drivers and vehicle permits for 2018 on behalf of the Authority.

Members of Provincial Land Transport Associations

Section 12 (1) of the Act provides that an owner and driver of a public land transport must be registered as a member of the Association in which the public land transport operates. These Associations may determine terms and conditions for membership fees to be paid before a person becomes member of the Association.

Becoming a member of these Provincial Public Land Transport Associations is a requirement for obtaining your drivers and vehicle permit.


The following Permits are issued by the Authority

  1. General Drivers Permit- for all public land transport drivers
  2. Tourism Drivers Permit- for persons who intend to drive public land transport to transporttourists
  3. Vehicle Permits

Fee for Drivers Permit

VATU2, 000

Vehicle Permits are categorized into four (4) different Permits as follows;

1. Taxi Vehicle Permit

  1. Service Bus Vehicle Permit
  2. Common Transport Vehicle Permit
  3. Tour Operator Vehicle Permit

Fee for Vehicle Permit

VATU10, 000


Before applying for a vehicle permit, you should ensure that your vehicle has been inspected by Public Works and certified. Public Land Transport Authority will ensure that your vehicle is clean with no tinted windows, free of stickers and graffiti signs and writings. We will inspect your vehicle and ask you to remove these before your vehicle permit can be issued and should you put these up after you have been issued with your vehicle permit, a spot fine will be applied.


Owners and drivers of public land transport are warned to adhere to the conditions of their drivers and vehicle permits specified in your application forms which you must sign to abide to. Failure to do so will result in your drivers and vehicle permits confiscated by the Authority and for serious breaches of the Public Land Transport Act, you may be prosecuted and your vehicle may be impounded by the Authority. Smoking and Drinking alcohol while driving any public land transport is an offense so is harassment (sexual).

Vehicle Plate Numbers

Owners of public land transport are asked to observe the following and make necessary changes as soon as possible and ensure the following signs are displayed on the vehicle plate number;

  1. If the public land transport is a taxi – the letter T
  2. If the public land transport is Service Bus – the letter B
  3. If the public land transport is a Common Transport – the letter CT
  4. If the public land transport is a Tour Operator – the letter TO

This means that all public transport with the plate number PT must change the PT sign on the plate number to CT

All tour operators must include the TO sign their plate number. Owners of tour operator businesses and public transport with the PT sign will be penalized if they do not cooperate with the Authority to make necessary changes.

Graffiti Signs, Stickers and Tinted Glass Windows

All public land transport owners and drivers are kindly asked to remove all graffiti signs, stickers and tinted glass windows on their vehicles prior to visiting PWD for Road Worthy Inspection. Public Land Transport Authority will also ensure that all public land transport vehicles are free of these prior to issuing your vehicle permits. Owners and drivers who after going through road worthy inspection and upon receiving their vehicle permits, replace all the removed graffiti signs, stickers and tinted windows will be penalized. Continuous breaches of this notice may result in confiscation of your permits by the Authority.

Enforcement by PLTA

PLTA will collaborate with Police and other relevant authorities to ensure that a strict and the standard of public land transport is improved through enforcement of Public Land Transport Act and Road Traffic Control Act. This means that any public land transport owner and driver who is penalised for any violations of Drivers and Vehicle Permits by anyone acting on behalf of the Authority MUST NOT PAY ANY CASH fines to that agent. All penalty fines must be paid through the PLTA Office or the Department of Finance and a copy of the receipt submitted to PLTA.

A person or members of the public may lodge a complaint with the Authority against a driver of a public land who commits any violation of his/her drivers and vehicle permit conditions.

Should you have any query, visit the PLTA Office located within the Ministry of Internal Affairs or email: lymalas@vanuatu.gov.vu; rtgerian@vanuatu.gov.vu; visit our Face Book page: plta or public land transport authority.

Office of Public Land Transport Authority