PVMC owes Landowners VT50 million premium for Bouffa Landfill

The Bouffa Bellvue Custom Landowners Estate on October 2017 issued PVMC the first notice to settle the land premium of VT50,000,000 for the Bouffa Landfill.

Yan Amos Dapang in a written notice to PVMC stated PVMC failed to settle outstanding rent commencing from 01/07/1992 to 15/03/2016. Despite several reminders being served to PVMC the outstandings were settled but there is still remaining a penalty for breaching the lease agreement totaling VT500,000 yet to be paid.

Dapang also said “PVMC failed the terms and conditions of the lease by allowing squatters to enter the premises”

“PVMC have also failed to review the land rent on every fifth anniversary from 1992 to 2017”

The Notice also points out failure by PVMC to comply with “special provisions for compliance by the lessee” as agreed.

Landowners say “PVMC failed to pay a land premium to the Custom Owners Trust Account (COTA) of an amount of VT50,000,000”

The Landowners have stated clearly that if all is not settled, they will forthwith forfeit the lease without notice.