Regenvanu: Donations illegal after 22 January 2020

The caretaker Minister for Foreign Affairs, former Port Vila MP and GJP President Ralph Regenvanu, came out on social media and warned the public in general that any “donation given them by any politician after parliament was dissolved on 22 January 2020, is illegal.”

Regenvanu posted that if “anyone sees a proposed candidate handing out money or material goods should immediately report to the authorities and take measures to record what they have witnessed.”

The public is asked to record any activities by politicians and to keep a record where such activity happened, at what time, and to whom the candidate gave money or goods.

The public is asked to also identify 3 or more witnesses and record their contacts.

Mr Regenvanu also reminded everyone that “an official complaint must be made by them to the Electoral Commission and anyone who makes a report must ensure they keep a copy of the report”

“If after the election, the candidate who was giving out donations manages to win, the public is asked to ensure their complaint is looked into by the Electoral Commission as a petition,” says Regenvanu.

This reminder by the GJP President comes as the 2020 Election preparations get underway throughout Vanuatu.