Reuinfication Party’s refuse Michael Liu as Ambae candidate

After the Court upheld the presidents decision to dissolve parliament, candidates are being prepared for the snap elections.

For the constituency of Ambae, the reunification party’s decided that three candidates will run, namely, James Bule, Richard Mera, and Peter Vuta.

The North Ambae candidate Micheal Liu has not been selected to run in the snap election under the reunification party’s though he does command more support than the three other candidates.

Michael Liu not getting selected will affect the support for VP inside the Port Vila constituency. The Ambae community have returned to join Vanua ‘aku Party but with the latest developments it seems things will change and if Michael Liu is not selected.

A big proportion of young people in Port Vila are led by youths from North Ambae who do command the numbers needed in an election.

The Penema Province Vice President Alban Garae has voiced his disappointment over the issue and youth leaders in Port Vila will also back Mr. Garae and this would cause problems for VP in Port Vila.

If the issue is not resolved then VP will have a big problem with the Port Vila constituency.