Sabri Kiçmari is accredited as Kosovo’s non-resident ambassador to the Republic of Vanuatu

Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo, Sabri Kiçmari, handed over the Letter of Credit to the President of the Republic of Vanuatu, Obed Moses Talles, through which he was accredited as a non-resident Ambassador in this country.

In his speech on the act of handing over the charter, Ambassador Kiçmari conveyed the greetings of Kosovo President Hashim Thaci to President Talles, thanking him for the support that the Republic of Vanuatu has given to Kosovo through recognition in 2010 and voting pro Kosovo’s accession to UNESCO in 2015.

Among others, Ambassador Kixmar has stated that although the two countries are far apart from one another in the geographic area, they share common values ​​for peace, cooperation and well-being in the world.

President Moses Tallis congratulated Ambassador Kixmar on behalf of the government and people of the Republic of Vanuatu, thanking him for his commitment to deepening the relations between the two countries. “The Republic of Vanuatu will support the integration of the Republic of Kosovo into international organizations and structures,” he said.

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