Samoa Officially Becomes a Christian State

Just as Vanuatu surprised the world by officially declaring that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Now, a country in the Pacific Ocean, Samoa, with a population of 75% declared evangelical Christian, and 23% Catholic.

Samoa is a sovereign State of Polynesia in Oceania, formed by several islands, being the main Savai’i and Upolu. It was part of New Zealand until 1962, details Gospel Prime.

An Invasion of Islam

Prime Minister Tuilaepa Malielegaoi explained that the government is concerned about the “religious wars” that currently occur on a global level, resulting in civil wars within nations.

That is why the Samoan Parliament recently passed a law amending the Constitution. The country officially became a Christian state . Among the 49 representatives of Parliament, 43 voted in favor of the proposal.

Samoa already had a reference to Christianity in the Constitution, stating that government action should be “within the limits prescribed by God’s commandments” and also that its society is “based on Christian principles.”

Earlier, the first article of its Constitution declared that ” Samoa is founded in God “, but that expression could apply to all religious groups. Similar terms are used by Indonesia, a Muslim majority.

In the current version, Article 1 of the Constitutional Text states: “Samoa is a Christian nation, founded on God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit”, showing a specifically Christian understanding of God, with no margin for the interpretation of other religious groups, government Or judiciary.

Curiously, not even the Fundamental Law of the State of the Vatican City, considered as the Constitution of the Vatican claims to be city-state of a Christian nation.

Forbidden Islam

The Secretary General of the Samoa Council of Churches, Pastor Ma’auga Motu, is using this argument to call for Islam to be banned. The 2001 census indicates that there are about 50 Muslims in the country, representing 0.03% of the population. All frequented the only mosque built on the islands, said The Christian Post .

Another aspect that is striking is that, with this constitutional alteration, Samoan leaders want to prevent external pressures from introducing significant changes in local society.

Gay Weddings

One of the issues raised during the debates in Parliament was the recognition of same-sex marriages, something that was now impossible to approve, according to The Diplomat.