Arrangements have been finalised by Espiritu Cattle Ltd and Tove Eats to supply 600 cattle to various islands in the north and south of Vanuatu.

Tove Eats has been supplying slaughtered cattle to Port Vila, Tanna Island, Malekula and Pentecost for quite a while for the farmers in rural Santo and now have finalised plans for live cattle sales to begin this month.

There will be 4 trips to start this month, October 2020, and the schedules will begin with two (2) trips for Tanna island and 2 trips for the North which should begin with Ambae, Pentecost and Ambrym.

Live Cattle prices start at Vt40,000 for young calves from 12 to 24 months and weighing at up to 300kg.

Slaughtered Cattle prices range from Vt35,000 to Vt50,000 upon request.

For those that are interested in buying cattle for Tanna Island, you can message Tove Eats Facebook page or can call 7671893 to place your orders.

Bookings for Ambae, Pentecost and Ambrym to be also made on Tove Eats page or call 7671893 to place your orders.

National Bank Of Vanuatu Accounts will be provided for those who wish to make direct payments to Business Bank Accounts.

For Tanna Island, this is a blessing as cattle prices on Tanna range from Vt150,000 to Vt200,000.

As Christmas approaches, it will be encouraging to see people on Tanna island purchase cattle at affordable prices.

For buyers in Australia and New Zealand, arrangements will be made so you can purchase your cattle and notices will be sent to community leaders and family members as arranged to receive your cattle when shipment arrives.

Visit the Tove Eats page or place your orders on order@toveeats.com