Sarakata River Eco-Tourism Tour

The Sarakata River tour Project in Luganville will stand to go on trial after the first ever Sanma and Luganville tourism forum in Luganville was held last year.

The Tourism Office in Luganville in partnership with the Luganville Municipality Council (LMC) has confirmed that the new tourism product is now ready to offer a pleasant and enjoyable alternative to tourists who visit Luganville Town.

According to the Tourism Office in Luganville a variety of activities will be provided to entertain tourists who opt for this Sarakata River Tour Package.

The tour package begins with light refreshment at the Unity Park where tourists are briefed on the highlights of the tour and some basic history to Sarakata River.

Canoes and kayaks under the professional guidance of the local Luganville residents will take tourists through to enjoy the natural aesthetic beauty of Sarakata River.

Life Jackets for safety have been provided by Mr. Simeon Aru and Maritime Department.

“The Sarakata River is a beautiful site in Luganville Town and still has its natural beauty in tuck, with lushy mangrove forests, bamboo forests and coconut trees beautifying the river banks, topped with flowing streams intersecting the main river and the cool breeze which cools down the environment as you row along the river which should all provide an aesthetic lasting experience for any tourist looking for a place to relax and refresh in”, says Rex Issacher LMC tourism officer.

The tour ends with a variety of cultural activities including custom dances and string band. There will also be local handicraft products on sale by Luganville mothers for any tourist who would like to take a piece of their Sarakata Tour experience as souvenir.

“Although Pepsi Area has been regarded in the past as a shanty area due to its environmental dilemma of it being a water-logged and muddy area, the Tourism Department in conjunction with the Luganville Municipal Council are eager to change this image and turn the area into a tourism hot spot” says Issacher.

According to reports from the Tourism Office in Luganville the tourism product is now ready and it only needs more marketing publicity to make the product known to tourist and visitors into Luganville.

The LMC would like to thank the Luganville Tourism Office; Director of Tourism in Port Vila and staff members, the government and other partners who have helped in one way or another in making sure this project kicks off.

Issacher says the aim of this Project is to bring economic income back into the Sanma and Luganville communities.