Saved by the flag

A fishing vessel from Panama was seized by the Aquatic Resources Authority of Panama (ARAP) for carrying illegal pelagic fishes, was saved by the Vanuatu flag it was registered under.

A captured foreign flag vessel in national water catching sharks.

The Critica reported the vessel was under investigation after it arrived at the port of Vacamonte where she was carrying shipment of  billfish, marlin and sail, prohibited for catch by Panama laws.

According to the ARAP authorities, the ship did not fish in the national waters, and in addition, the vessel has a license from the Republic of Vanuatu, which allows it to carry out fishing activities internationally.

The Critica reported that Vanuatu contacted the ARAP authorities and send them all the information with the details to verify the vessel before arrival at the port.

Arab intercepts a boat

They are currently verifying compliance with Decree 33 , which prohibits fishing, capture and salty dry use, as well as the commercial export of marine species known as billfish. 

The authorities in Panama concluded that ARAP maintains an agreement with the Customs Authority and this has allowed them to verify that there has been no processing of these raw materials.