Children with uniforms tend to be more confident

School Uniform Improves Pupils’ Behavior

Wearing a uniform improves pupils’ behavior both inside and outside school. Having a uniform helps to reduce bullying in school, makes children better behaved outside the school gates and even aids concentration in class.

Pupils at schools without uniform codes were liable to be bullied for the way they dressed. Most teenagers said dress codes acted as a social leveler and reduced the risk of children being picked on for wearing “weird” clothes.

Youngsters also admitted they were less likely to misbehave outside the premises because their uniform instantly identified their school.

A unifrom makes children confident
A unifrom makes children confident

“Often directly contributed to a feeling of school pride, which they did not want to compromise by misbehaving outside the school gate”.

“The easy identification also acted as an important preventative factor.” Overall, pupils favored uniforms because they instilled a sense of pride in the school and prevented them having to choose fashionable outfits each morning.
Uniforms were also claimed to improve behavior in lessons themselves. Pupils reported being more focused on their work because a significant distraction – whether their clothes were “cool” enough – had been removed.

1. Should the Ministers responsible for Education encourage uniforms but as many as one in five schools does not have them.
2. Should the Government scrap exclusive deals with uniform suppliers and ensure clothing is widely available on the High Street or at supermarkets with schools logos printed on.