Search continues for suspect in Aicha killing

The search is still on for the main suspect in the Aicha killing.

Police have been to Malo Island and have supplied residents on the Island with photos of the suspect.

One reliable source on the island has told YTS “it will be pretty impossibleĀ for the suspect to hide on Malo Island for long since the Island is not that big”

The source says “The Police were ready to arrest the suspect at Litzlitz wharf, however, the suspect caught on to the plans and slipped away”

“It is alleged he went up the Northern part of Malekula and boarded a canoe for Malo Island”

The source explained “Villagers on the southern part of Malo Island saw an unknown man walking on theĀ beach”

When word got out that an unknown person was seen walking around, Police hurriedly went to Malo and spoke with residents about the dangers the suspect poses to them.

Malo residents say “he is hiding somewhere on the island, but, if he gets to Santo, we don’t think the Police will have a chance of finding or catching him”

There is no confirmation that the suspect is on Malo or still on Malekula, however, the search is still on for the suspect and Police are appealing, if anyone, has information to please come forward or call 22222.