The debating chamber in Vanuatu's unicameral 52-seat parliament. Photo: www.nigel-roberts.info

Seating reveals a stunning 46 to 6 MP difference

House statistics as of 1st June 2017 parliament session, the 52 members seating language suggests the Prime Minister Charlot Salwai still commands a majority of 46 MPs on the government side, 5 in the opposition and 1 independent MP, in contrast.

What is the role of opposition in democracy?

According to Quora.

  1. To criticise the policies, plans, bills and laws which, in accordance with them, are against the common people’s welfare.They should highlight the negative points of these.
  2. The opposition should clear out its stand on each and every issue concerned with the people.It helps in smooth working of the parliament.
  3. Leader of opposition has a key role during working of the house.Moreover, it has a signified role as a member of selection committee for appointment of bureaucrats like Chief justice, Directors of Central Institutions, etc.
  4. He is also a represents opposition in JPC( Joint Parliament Commission ) and all party meeting.
  5. To have a tight view on distribution of the budget by Govt. and if any scam is found, then reveal it out in front of nation.