Senior DP Employee Charged for Fabricating Evidence and Prostitution Offences

The head of Sales and Marketing at Daily Post, Peter Stadly was recently questioned and charged by police over his involvement with a young Ni Vanuatu girl from Mele.

Apart from being charged with prostitution offenses, Stadly was also questioned and charged over his role in having a young girl fabricated and changed the evidence in a civil case against Beren and Bank of South Pacific (BSP).

The evidence as compiled and put before Stadly is that he was involved alongside Stuart Beren, former BSP General Manager in having the young girl provide evidence in support of Mr. Beren’s complaint that he was extorted by Dane Thornburgh and Renee Jackson.

It is alleged Mr Beren and Mr. Stadly paid for sex and that the young Ni-Vanuatu girl was their prostitute. Beren had paid her and a certain lawyer to provide a statement that was used in the laying of the charges against Ms. Jackson and Mr. Thornburgh that now appears to be false.

A third party witnessed a telephone conversation on speaker phone between Stadly and the young woman, states that Stadly was asking her why she had done these things against Beren and that she should withdraw her statements. The witness states hearing her say: I only tell the truth.

Very concerning as it seems that some of the evidence used to charge Thornburgh & Jackson by Beren is based on what is now clearly a false and illegally obtained statement paid for by Beren and coerced by Stadly.

Daily Post involvement is even more sinister when the evidence also shows that Thornburgh attended the police station for questioning of his own free will and by appointment with the only two persons knowing of the meeting being the police and Thornburgh.

Despite this, the Daily Post had photographers placed outside the station to capture Thornburgh leaving and placed it on the front page.

It is clear that Daily Post by their employee Stadly sensationalized the arrest and the process for commercial benefit and on the basis of a now confirmed lie by Beren, Stadly and the young Ni-Vanuatu girl.

Police have attempted to question and arrest Beren, however he has now left the employment of BSP and the country. Police are awaiting his return to question him further.

YTS also have also been informed by a reliable source about the photo taken of Thornberg leaving the Police station, and was told by the source “we do not know how the DP photographer got notified about Thornberg appearing here today, but we did tell the photographer to leave the station”

The PI is scheduled at this stage for the last week of this month.