Shakura to Release ‘A New Dawn’

Famous Shakura Stringband will release their 5th album – A New Dawn, on the 29th of June 2017 next week.

Shakura is hugely responsible for creating a new sound scheme to the popular and unique Vanuatu string band, a sound with contemporary music influence.

You can listen to Lucky Love demo below.

The launching will be staged at Binihi Nakamal in Port Vila.


1. Smile Blong Yu
2. Shaku Beats
3. Luganville Street
4. Nu Ririhai
5. Tumoro Yu Nokat
6. Eben Rahuana
7. Stap Oltaem
8. Tusibona
9. Lucky Love
10. Manana
11. Brothers Tribute
12. Tugu Daghai ft. Hoobz & Brada Cloud