Social Experiments

A social experiment is a kind of psychological or sociological research for testing people’s reaction to certain situations or events. The experiment relies on a particular social approach, when a main source of information is people with their own knowledge and point of view. Wikipedia

Here is the first Social Experiment we are conducting and is based on the reaction of people on Social Media especially YUMI TOKTOK STRET Facebook Group with over 110,000 members and is the biggest social media group in Vanuatu.

Let’s see who will react to:

Pastor in Kenya who allegedly invited “Jesus” to come from heaven and grace his church with his presence – Video

This is a fake story.

Source: 2019 – https://www.mzansistories.com/2019/07/pastor-in-kenya-who-invited-jesus-to.html

Like & Love (Believe it’s true)
Laugh & Angry (Know it’s fake)
Others or comments (reacting with no idea)

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