South Korean hip-hop rapper and Arirang Radio chat about Vanuatu

Yunhway is a South Korean hip-hop underground rapper and model under Wedaplugg Records.

She debuted on November 25, 2015 with single “Fatal Love” under Yoonaverse.


When she was 7-years old she moved to Vanuatu because her dad dreamed about living on an island and was tired of Korea.

Speaking to Arirang Radio K-Pop last month in Korea, she revealed where Vanuatu is and life living there.

They lived in Vanuatu for 4 years before moving to the States in Portland, Oregon later on.

Arirang Radio is the first English broadcasting radio station in Korea and they broadcast a varitey of Korean culture including K-Pop music as well as news and useful information 24 hours a day.

Below is the transcript.

Host: So you moved to the state’s when you were how old?

Yunhway: so I moved around quite a bit but when I first left I was like seven and I lived in an island in the South Pacific for four years where it’s called Vanuatu


Host: that sounds so fancy. Vanu-wa-tu…

Yunhway: yeah like that that’s how easy.

Host: What and how far is that from here?

Yunhway: uh whoa I don’t know very far I mean it’s all the way up… in this… down south.

Host: I mean did you guys go there like because of your family business or?

Yunhway: something my dad just didn’t like living in Korea anymore to go to the water… yeah all places he wanted to… so there’s this movie called South Pacific, it’s very old classic movie now it’s filmed in Vanuatu so he saw that when he was young and he dreamt about living in an island and he threw everything away… we lived pretty well in Korea so he was like nope I’m leaving and he even told my mom like if you’re not coming with me I’m still going.

Host: Wow your dad must have been really… like that that movie must have had a huge impact on him

Yunhway: yeah he just… I don’t know he wanted to leave so he left and we just went with him for four years… and the islands used to be occupied by the British soldiers and France and so there’s this interesting community there of people who speak English and French and all the roads are in French they built that but everything else is in English and it’s a mixture of both… but a lot of people who live there are our Kiwis and Australians because it’s the most nearby country so yeah I was taught by Australian teachers

Host: Was the water like the color of your shirt?

Yunhway: yeah yeah… like your hair… it was great and that’s where I live for years and then we moved to the state.