The South Pacific Islands are moving to place travel restrictions into the region and in the latest updates, see’s a 14 days stop for any traveller wishing to enter Vanuatu at International ports of entry.

The Vanuatu Health Authorities who are being guided by the World Health Organisation -WHO in this crisis has placed a 14 days travel restriction on anyone wishing to enter Vanuatu.

It is believed that since Vanuatu does not have the necessary health equipment and technology to detect the virus, this is a preventive measure put in place to allow the other Governments time to test or evaluate any passenger and also clear passengers of the Coronavirus before they travel to Vanuatu.

Vanuatu has not yet reported a Coronavirus case and the Government is yet to step forward with a public statement.

In the Solomon Islands, the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) is taking proactive action to prevent possible importation of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in the Solomon Islands, with measures being strengthened at the airport and ports, increased surveillance of influenza-like-illness in the Country and at points of entry and information for travellers entering and leaving the country, among other measures.

In Australia, Stuartholme School at Toowong has told parents that 10 students from mainland China will be quarantined to a single floor of its boarding house for 14 days.

The Toowong girls’ school said the students will undergo daily checks by a nurse before being allowed to attend class.

These were the strongest precautions known to have been taken by a Queensland school in response to the outbreak of the potentially fatal virus that originated in central China.

Radio New Zealand reports that in New Zealand, Health experts are urging the government to take steps to prevent the ‘export’ of infectious diseases to the Pacific, including considering halting all air travel to the region if the Wuhan coronavirus arrives in New Zealand.

Most of the Pacific Islands fear the Coronavirus as it does possess the potential to do great damage.

Several Pacific countries have announced they are increasing monitoring at their borders and as Radio New has reported, in New Caledonia’s airport, Thermal cameras have been installed.

Fiji’s government has mobilised its medical officers to monitor all incoming flights from China.

Marshall Islands, Palau and American Samoa have also continued restrictions set during the measles crisis.