Special treatment for indigenous West Papuans

The head of the Papua Province Human Resources Development Agency, Aryoko AF Rumaropen in a press release said a total of 1,399 Papuan Indigenous students were declared to have passed the administration of the Papuan special autonomy scholarship program in 2021, namely, the Papuan Superior Student Scholarship Program as many as 962 students, Vocational Scholarship Program Japan has 135 students, and the D-III Health Scholarship Program has 302 students.

Indonesian government is sending a message that it pays great attention to the education sector for students from Papua and West Papua.

They are concerned about Papuan Indigenous People, where the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises in collaboration with the Indonesian Human Capital Forum has re-opened the Joint Recruitment Program for Papuan and West Papuan children.

This program was formed to complete the target of 1,000 workers from the best young men and women of Papua and West Papua.

The goal is that children from West Papua can work and be placed in state-owned companies throughout Indonesia.

In a press conference, the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs of Indonesia, Mahfud MD said there are several privileges for Papuans, including the governor and deputy governor of Papua must be Papuan Indigenous People.

“The people’s representative seats for Indigenous Papuans get a special allotment of at least 25 percent, the Indonesian government allocates a special education program for Papuan children, and provides special requirements that can ease Papuan natives to register and become members of the Indonesian National Army, Police of the Republic of Indonesia, or State Civil Apparatus”, he said.