Stantec : Partners with the Republic of Vanuatu to Provide Essential Renewable Energy in the South Pacific

The Government of Vanuatu and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) have selected Stantec as the design supervision consultant for the Vanuatu Energy Access Project (VEAP). The project will include design and construction of the 400 kW Brenwe Hydropower Plant (BHP) on the island of Malekula, as well as grid extensions across Espiritu Santo and Malekula. The completed project will displace an estimated 90% of the diesel energy currently used as a power source for the island of Malekula.

Currently only 33% of the citizens of Vanuatu have access to power. Once complete, the project will increase the residential customer base in Espiritu Santo by 25% and Malekula by 90%. The VEAP is funded by the Government of Vanuatu and ADB to support development of least-cost renewable energy and grid extensions.

‘Hydropower delivers a long-term solution to the energy issues facing many Pacific Island communities,’ said Andrew Bird, Asia Pacific Hydropower and Dam Leader at Stantec. ‘Projects like this enable communities to have a clean reliable source of energy and enables them to no longer be reliant on costly diesel fuel.’

The Government of Vanuatu and their development partners are committed to clean energy and access to energy across the region. The VEAP is an example of one of many projects enabling nations to move off expensive and non-renewable diesel as a primary energy source. This project will be led by the Stantec team based in New Zealand supported by local consultant Noreve Vanuatu.

Stantec has nearly 100 years of hydropower and dams experience around the world. In the region, the team has extensive project experience including the 44 MW Nadarivatu Hydropower Station on the Island of Viti Levu, Fiji, the recent win to deliver the concept design for the Warragamba Dam Raise outside of Sydney, Australia, as well as the successful support of multiple projects in Samoa.